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If none of these answers your questions, please contact us.


Included for all stock
images in store

Single Image, single user. Unlimited digital impressions. Up to 250,000 prints. Image can be used in projects with both unlimited digital output and printed output under 250,000 copies, including:

  1. Hard copy books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and alike, etc.

  2. Bookmarks, posters and free promotional materials and giveaways online

  3. Single-sale cover design/premade cover


$50 per stock image

Single Image, single user. Unlimited digital impressions. Up to 500,000 prints. Image can be used in projects with sellable retail output, including:

  1. Apparel

  2. Tote bags, Mugs, coasters, pens, pillows, etc.

  3. Fine Art Prints, Calendars, Board Games, Stationery Items, and alike.

  4. Multiple Sale Cover Design/Cover Template

Contact us​ to process your payments.​


$100 per stock image

Single Image, single user. Unlimited digital impressions. Unlimited prints. Purchase the exclusive usage of your image and ensure it will not be resold or offered to anyone else. The image will be taken down from the store once it’s purchased. 


Not available for every image. 


This is for projects that reach audiences larger than 500,000 in print: suitable for major publishers, film production, or design agencies. The Exclusive Mass Market License also allows product creation, as per the Extended License.

Contact us​ to process your payments.


The following usage of Qamber Emporium content and products are strictly prohibited:

  • Use the content for illegal, pornographic, defamatory or immoral purposes; show a person depicted in the content in sensitive scenarios that could reasonably be considered offensive or unflattering to that person. 

  • Make any use of any of our products available for free download on a website, software or service. Transfer, resell, sub-license, rent, donate or otherwise transfer the File or rights to it to third parties (including clients).

  • E-templates and mass production use are only allowed unless you purchase an EXTENDED or MASS PRODUCTION license, you may not use content in electronic or digital templates intended for resale or other distribution (for example, website templates, business card templates, electronic greeting card templates, brochure design templates.) And for mass production items (prints, mugs, tshirts, bags, etc) to sell on,, and others alike, etc. 

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